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Civil Partnerships

Not every couple opts for a traditional wedding ceremony; nowadays, many couples choose to enter into a civil partnership as a meaningful expression of their love. I can assist you in crafting a beautiful celebration ceremony that honors the deep love shared between you and your partner, all within the backdrop of your preferred setting.

Once more, you have the freedom to select any symbolic rituals or exchange rings to include in your ceremony, allowing you to design an event that truly reflects your unique connection. Regardless of your choices, you can look forward to a day that will be the highlight of your lives!

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If you have a vision of the perfect wedding ceremony, then I can help you make it a reality! In England, celebrant-led wedding ceremonies and civil partnership ceremonies are not legally binding*, so can be tailored exactly to your wishes and held in any location you desire! 

*Please note that before the ceremony takes place, you will need to make an appointment with your local registrars first to complete the legalities for a legal marriage.

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