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Unity Tree Planting Ceremony

Tree Planting

This is a particularly meaningful ritual to those who have a nature-based spiritual practice or feel a strong connection to nature. Planting and growing a tree together symbolises a couple’s commitment to caring for and growing the bond they form in marriage. It also reflects that they are putting down roots together and strengthening their bond.

The logistics of the tree planting can be easily handled (and the mess reduced!),

What will be there?

  • A large plant pot placed on a table at the side of the alter or wedding arch.

  • 2 small trowels,

  • 2 bowl of earth,

  • and a watering can next to the pot


At the planned time you will both come to the said area and add earth to the tree together while a tree blessing is done. (This can be by just myself, or I can lead your guests to repeat after me.


You can also take turns watering the plant to symbolise how they will tend to their love and future together. 

After the ceremony, you can take the tree container home and plant it in the garden or at a location that has special significance for you.

The type of tree chosen can also be powerfully symbolic.

Here are some examples that I can suggest:


  • Wisteria and cherry trees represent love and romance.

  • Oak Trees are a symbol of strength, stability, and endurance.

  • Birch trees represent new beginnings.

  • Elm trees are protectors, representative of wisdom and symbols of the journey to self-realisation.

  • Maple trees represent balance, longevity, and generosity. 

  • Japanese maple trees are a symbol of peace and good blessings.

  • Fir trees represent honesty, truth, and frankness.

  • Yew trees symbolise longevity.

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