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The Idea

I want to set the record straight upfront: I can't take credit for this brilliant idea. I was booked to host an event in a neighboring area, and it got me thinking—why not bring the same fantastic concept right here to Milton Keynes? So, let's take their idea, throw it into the creative blender, and whip up our own unique version right here in our vibrant city. Get ready for an unforgettable experience coming your way!

Light Bulb Poster

Strictly Come Milton Keynes

Our mission is crystal clear: we're on a quest to raise as much money as possible for the invaluable Willen Hospice here in Milton Keynes.

So, how can YOU be a part of this incredible journey? Take a look below and see if you fit any of these exciting roles

The Dancers

We're on the hunt for 5 talented professional dancers right here in Milton Keynes, ready to team up with 5 non-dancers for an exciting project: creating 3 fantastic dances

Dance Award

The Non-Dancers 

If you're someone who loves organizing events, has a passion for fundraising, thrives on challenges, and isn't a professional dancer, then you're exactly who we're looking for

The Local celebrity's Judges 

Are you a familiar face among Milton Keynes' local celebrities? Do you have the confidence to be a judge in a dance show

Judicial system
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