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Drag Bingo Prize Package Options 

Why not add one of our packages to your event to take that stress away!

Package Options.

Tucked £100
Line 1 - Toilet Paper & Tampons 

Line 2 - Sweets & Candles 

Full House - Wine & Spirits 

Snatched £200
Line 1 - Candles & Diffusers

Line 2 - Wine & Beers 

Full House - Spirits 

Dragmazing £300

Line 1 - Wines 

Line 2 - Spirits 

Full House - Virgin Day experience

Bespoke - Price to be discussed.

**All package options are an additional cost on top of the booking fee. 

Capri Conceive Bingo Packages

Terms and conditions for Bingo Prize Packages

  1. The prize package is to be paid in full upon booking and is non-refundable once prizes have been purchased.

  2. Gift values will be up to the amount that the package costs.

  3. Virgin experiences will be up to £75per a game.

  4. Prizes are non-refundable and cannot be swapped out by the host.

  5. If the booking is cancelled for any reason and the prizes have been purchased, we will not be able to refund the money on these but will offer the prizes to you and shipping costs will need to be covered by the client prior to shipping.

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