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How Can You Charge That Much?

Let's set the picture! I am Capri Conceive and have been doing Drag for several years now! I went to College, studied Performing Arts, worked at Butlins as an entertainer, and worked in events hosting, organizing, selling, and marketing them all.

When you book me or other drag acts/drag queens/entertainers we come with a background of knowledge and that's even before we get into the costs of doing what we do.

People see Drag as a "Man in a dress" that makes people laugh.

So before your act has arrived at your venue there is so much work in the background you don't see, but I am not afraid to tell you...

  1. We have worked on our brand before you knew us

  2. We have advertised our services how did you find us

  3. We have to load our equipment into our transport

  4. Makeup is not cheap, and getting your face on isn't a 5-minute job! It can take up to 3 hours to get ready! why?

    1. Outfit/wig selection

    2. Shaving

    3. Showering

    4. Face prep

    5. Makeup

    6. face fixing time

    7. Getting on my outfit, boobs, pads, tights, corset, wig, heels

  1. Now we have made it that far we now need to get on the road,(before we said yes we have looked at how far the drive is, toll roads, congestion charges, fuel costs, the best time to set off for bad traffic) Yes this can sometimes add on 1, 2, 3 or 4 hours of travel time.

  2. So before we have even arrived at your venue we have spent sometimes 6+ hours behind the scenes before we have arrived, and that does not include our advertising, communications with you, and planning out the show/act/set.

  3. Now we have to set up... Yep no saved space outside the venue so we are now lugging all our stuff into the venue - PA System, outfit changes, props, handouts

  4. Now we are set up, and host the best event we can to the customer/friends/family you have gathered for the occasion.

  5. Putting on a show you get thirsty so need a drink or 5! (bar spend)

  6. Event completed - Now to pack it all up - 30 Mins

  7. Drive home or to the hotel - (more costs incurred)

  8. Take off your makeup

  9. Unpack your car

  10. wash your outfits

  11. clean your wigs

So when we set our fee and you ask for a discount, or a lower price we have given you the best price we think for your event. Yes you can find someone cheaper and that's fine please do but I need to cover all my costs, and i only charge what i think is reasonable, and will always work with my clients ti arrange the best event and price.

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