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Respecting Entertainers' Personal Space: A Call for Decency and Legal Awareness

In the vibrant world of entertainment, where drag queens shine as beacons of creativity and self-expression, respect for personal space remains paramount. These performers, who pour their hearts and souls into their art, deserve the same dignity and respect as any other professional. Yet, incidents of boundary violations, like the one described where an audience member lifted a performer’s dress to “see if it’s all real,” highlight a troubling disregard for personal boundaries and legal norms.

The Essence of Drag: Artistry and Performance

Drag is an art form that blends fashion, performance, and often sharp social commentary. It requires immense dedication, creativity, and courage. Drag queens, through their personas, challenge norms, entertain, and inspire. They deserve to perform in a safe environment where their personal space is respected, just like any other artist or individual.

The Legal Perspective: Boundaries and Consent

Touching or lifting a performer’s dress without consent is not just disrespectful—it’s illegal. Such actions can be classified under assault or harassment, depending on the jurisdiction. Consent is a fundamental principle in all interactions, and breaching it can have serious legal repercussions. The notion that entertainers, by virtue of their profession, are exempt from these protections is a dangerous misconception.

The Importance of Respect

1. **Maintaining Professionalism**: Just like any other profession, performers deserve to work in an environment free from harassment. Respecting their personal space is crucial to maintaining the professionalism and integrity of the performance.

2. **Ensuring Safety**: Physical boundaries are essential for the safety of performers. Violating these boundaries can cause physical harm and emotional distress, impacting the performer’s ability to continue their art.

3. **Promoting Inclusivity**: Drag is a celebration of diversity and individuality. Respecting performers’ personal space promotes an inclusive atmosphere where everyone, regardless of their role, feels valued and safe.

4. **Setting an Example**: Audience members who respect performers’ boundaries set a positive example for others. This fosters a culture of respect and appreciation within the community.

Addressing Misconceptions

The idea that drag queens are somehow ‘public property’ or that their personal boundaries can be disregarded is rooted in ignorance and prejudice. Education is key to changing this mindset. Understanding that drag queens, like all performers, are individuals with rights and feelings is essential. They are not mere spectacles but artists who deserve admiration and respect for their craft.

How to Support Drag Performers

1. **Educate Yourself and Others**: Learn about the art of drag and share this knowledge with others. Understanding the effort and artistry involved can foster greater respect.

2. **Speak Up Against Misconduct**: If you witness inappropriate behavior, call it out. Stand in solidarity with performers and help create a safer environment.

3. **Practice Consent**: Always seek permission before engaging with performers physically. A simple gesture like asking for a hug goes a long way in showing respect.

4. **Show Appreciation Respectfully**: Applaud their performances, support their work, and engage with them respectfully. Genuine appreciation can be shown without crossing personal boundaries.


Respecting the personal space of entertainers, especially drag queens, is not only a matter of legal necessity but also one of basic human decency. These performers enrich our lives with their art and should be allowed to do so in a safe and respectful environment. By understanding and upholding the principles of consent and respect, we can all contribute to a more inclusive and supportive community for performers and audiences alike.

This blog comes in response to an incident that occurred this past weekend. During a show, a member of the audience lifted my dress. When challenged, the individual, who turned out to be the HR Manager of a primary school, said, "I was just looking to see if it's all real since you're a drag queen."

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